With the completion of the new barn at Yalton in the autumn of 2004, Tristan Stone is now able to offer the best undercover and secure boat storage in South Devon. With excellent road access and sitting just above the Salcombe Estuary at East Portlemouth, the barn is ideally situated to provide a total management service for the Salcombe Yawl.

  • The Barn
    The new barn is brand new and purpose built, the roof is insulated which stops condensation in the winter months and excessive heat in the summer. The wooden siding slats allow a small but constant flow of air; all of the above points are key points when storing wooden boats, all this adds up to one of the best storage units in the South Hams.

  • Storage
    Every Yawl is stored on its own launching trolley fitted to each individual boat, this ensures it is supported properly and makes for a fast and efficient way for moving and launching. At the end of the season they are washed throughout with a soft brush and detergent, we avoid the use of pressure washers as they can damage older boats.

  • Launch and recovery
    The launch and recovery service enables you to keep your Yawl off the water in the summer months if the boat is not in regular use, very important if you are trying to keep the weight of the boat down to weight for racing. You can call us and we will launch and recover as required.

  • Projects
    New keel and centre box Yawl 17 and Yawl 61
    New decks Yawls 138, 87, 64, 89, 7,
    New centre box and planking Yawl 15 (current)

  • New yawl
    We have commissioned a new Ian Howlett design, the hull will be built by Mike Atfield, one of the most experienced clinker construction Boat Builders in the U.K. We will be decking and finishing off the new yawl ourselves. The hull is being planked in Sitka Spruce, and there is a new mast design in the pipe line.


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