The Ultimate List of YETI Coffee Cups and Mugs: Chosen by Our Team

The Ultimate List of YETI Coffee Cups and Mugs: Chosen by Our Team

Let’s talk YETI coffee cups. Here at Stones Boatyard HQ, the day doesn’t begin until we have indulged in a buzzy caffeine fuelled hit of aromatic goodness.

We’re fortunate to have a very swanky machine in the office (priorities) so all the team can make their cup of turbo-charged elixir, just the way they like it.

Coffee helps us fine tune our focus for a day of boat maintenance, YETI adventures or just good old admin, and of course, we all have our favourite YETI coffee cup to drink it from.

Here’s how we like it:

Hannah – YETI Guru and Master of Marketing

"I absolutely love the silky comfort of a double flat white to get me in the right headspace for the day. It’s the perfect combination of espresso and steamed milk. When it comes to the vessel, I always reach for the trusty YETI Lowball, it’s just the right size for a double serving and always keeps my coffee hot if I get distracted by a call!”

Kate – YETI Guru 2 and Ultimate Problem Solver

“A cappuccino in the YETI Rambler 6oz Stackable Mug is my little cup of heaven!  The enamel lining inside these cups makes it an extra enjoyable experience, you get the same feeling as drinking out of a ceramic cup, but with the heat holding properties of the YETI – such a winning combination!

I use the 6oz at home too. I have two young children, so if I don’t get to drink my coffee straight away, I just pop on a MagSlider Lid (the same size that fits the 10oz Wine Tumbler) to keep it hot. Ideal!”

Theo – Winter Maintenance Maestro

“I don’t actually use the hot milk from the coffee machine because I find it’s too hot in the YETI to drink straight away! So instead, I go for a good strong black coffee with some cold milk. I’m down in the yard shifting or sanding down boats a lot of the time, so I like to use a 12oz HotShot that let's me sip on the go without spilling a drop.”

Liz – Occasional Creative

In between producing travel and food programmes, Liz helps out at YETI events and on the creative side of the business.

“I’m going to throw a curve ball here, and say that whilst I love its earthy aromas, I’ve never been able to enjoy the bitterness of coffee. But, I love tea with every fibre of my being! I drink it constantly throughout the day, (Yorkshire or M&S Gold of course) and there is nothing better than the comforting warmth of a steaming cup of tea.


Obviously when it comes to tea, size matters. Personally I love the classic YETI Rambler 14oz Mug, but if I’m dashing around I’ll opt for a 20oz Travel Mug because the lid is completely secure, won’t spill, and the tapered base fits in my car's cup holder.”

Toby – Captain Crab

When he’s not at sea catching crab and lobster for the local restaurants, Toby works at the boatyard doing maintenance. “For me, it’s got to be a café latte in a YETI Rambler 10oz Tumbler. I stick the lid on so I carry it with me to whichever boat we’re working on in the yard. I love that it stays hot for ages.

The new agave teal is my favourite, such a great colour.”

Tris – Top Dog

“For me it has to be an espresso, after lunch, in a YETI Rambler 4oz Stackable Cup as the ultimate brain boosting energy hit. The new King Crab Orange is flying out, and we love the vibrant colour in the office too.

There’s something about the comforting ritual of coffee too, whilst we all drink it on the go, it’s also great for us to stop and get our heads together over a freshly poured cup. It seems to help with our creative flow!”.

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