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Our Craftsmanship

A century-old dedication to quality

Since the 1800's, the Stone family have been synonymous with superior boatbuilding and fishing equipment. What began with crab pots led to the legendary Salcombe Yawls and today's legacy as one of the UK's leading wooden boat specialists.

Wooden Boat Repair

At Stones, we can do anything from a complete wooden boat re-build to the repair of a small split in a broken paddle. Over the years we have completed several rebuilds and worked on new Salcombe Yawl mast designs, creating what we believe is the ultimate wooden mast for the class.

Of course we do have an advantage as we are able to select only the finest quality timber from our partner company Stones Marine Timber.

Wooden Boat Painting

Where once we had to be content with painting and varnishing in a dusty cold shed, today we have a modern temperature controlled Salcombe spray shop with very experienced staff that are skilled in applying both one and two pack systems. 

The finishes achieved are superb. Whether you're thinking of having a re-paint or a complete strip back to bare wood, we are always happy to advise you on the best paint system to use.

Salcombe Yawl Sails

We've spent many years experimenting and perfecting different sail and mast designs for the Salcombe Yawl with our sail maker, Dick Batt. The sails produced by Batt Sails perfectly match the wooden masts that we build for these iconic sailing boats.

Over the years, Batt sails have been top of the fleet in all of the main regattas. We would be happy to give you a quote for your next new suit of Yawl sails.

Salcombe Engine Servicing

From our Salcombe boat yard, we are able to carry out a full winterisation in Autumn and de-winterisation in the Spring. That includes boat engine servicing, secure dry storage, cleaning and maintenance.

Contact us to discuss engine servicing and winterisation.

Custom-Made Boat Covers

We're proud to offer custom-made covers and spray hoods for any boat. We use a wide range of materials and offer a choice of colours to help keep your boat in race condition.

Contact us today to discuss ordering a custom boat cover for your vessel.

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