Unleash the Adventure: YETI Products for Dogs

Unleash the Adventure: YETI Products for Dogs

Calling all dog lovers and adventure enthusiasts! If you're a fan of YETI's legendary rugged coolers and drinkware, then we've got some products that will make tails wag and hearts soar. While YETI is celebrated for keeping your drinks cold and your meals hot, did you know they also have a collection designed specifically for our four-legged friends? From dog bowls to dog beds, get ready to explore our favourite YETI products pet gear, each one crafted with trademark superior quality and built to withstand any adventure your pup can dream of.

YETI Boomer Dog Bowls: Built to Satisfy the Hungriest Adventurers

Every dog deserves a bowl that can handle their appetite and keep up with their energy levels. Enter the YETI Boomer dog bowls – the perfect combination of functionality, durability, and style. These bowls are made from kitchen-grade stainless steel and benefit from a non-slip base meaning your furry friend won't be chasing their bowl around the room during mealtime. Our Boomer dog bowls are also dishwasher safe, making cleaning up that slobber a breeze after a messy feast. Say goodbye to flimsy bowls and hello to a dining experience fit for a true adventurer!

Available in two sizes, Boomer 4 and Boomer 8 dog bowls are available in a great choice of colours that look the part in any home.

YETI Lowlands Blankets: Cozy Comfort for Every Expedition

Whether you're going camping, having a picnic, or just lounging in the back garden, YETI Lowlands Blankets are your dog's ultimate companion. These premium dog blankets are made from a soft, yet durable material that is both water-resistant and machine washable, ensuring your dog stays dry and comfortable no matter the terrain. The Lowlands Blanket feature a waterproof layer on one side to keep moisture at bay, while the plush fleece on the other side provides warmth and snuggles. With a convenient carry strap, you can take these blankets anywhere, allowing your furry friend to claim their spot in comfort wherever your adventures take you.

Perfect for lining car boots or covering back seats, YETI blankets come in a choice of colours.

YETI Trailhead Dog Beds: Where Comfort Meets Durability

After a day filled with play, exploration, and adventure, every dog deserves a good night's sleep. YETI Trailhead dog beds are here to make sure your pup gets the rest they need to tackle the next day's escapades. These beds are designed with a rugged exterior made from durable materials that can withstand the elements, making them great for outdoor use, too. The high-density foam core provides superior support, while removable, machine-washable covers ensure easy cleaning. With a non-slip bottom, the bed stays in place no matter how much your dog tosses and turns.

The entire inner cushion can be removed and used separately as a highly-portable, extra comfy dog mattress for use in the car or on the campsite. Give your furry friend the ultimate retreat with a YETI Trailhead dog beds – a cozy haven for well-deserved slumber.

The ultimate dog treats...

Any dog owner knows that our furry companions are more than just pets – they are our adventure buddies, our confidants, and our family. So, whether you're exploring the great outdoors, embarking on a road trip, or simply enjoying a lazy day at home, give your pup something to wag its tail about with YETI's range of premium dog accessories. With their exceptional craftsmanship, high-quality, and durability, these bowls, blankets and beds are built to support your four-legged friend through every escapade.

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