Discover Which YETI LoadOut GoBox is Best for You

Discover Which YETI LoadOut GoBox is Best for You

The LoadOut GoBox is the ultimate storage box, whatever your gear. The level of organisation you can achieve with this box is phenomenal and, as you would expect from YETI, you can feel the quality in every component. Both durable and practical, the clasps close with a satisfying snap, making it completely waterproof and virtually indestructible.

YETI LoadOut GoBox Family

Let’s check out some of the LoadOut GoBox key features:

Super strong, durable case

Made with what YETI call ‘defender’ material, it’s the same material used in car bumpers, so you know it’s going to be solid and ready to withstand any conditions.

Grips on the base

This bad boy will not be slipping and sliding about in the back of your pick-up or on the deck of your boat. The four corner grips on the base ensure it stays exactly where you want it.

The Pack Attic (secure zippy pockets in the lid)

Those clever designers at YETI have outdone themselves with the easily accessible pockets in the lid of the box. There’s one large and two smaller pockets with netting, so that you can keep your valuables and smaller items secure and within easy reach.

YETI Loadout GoBox 30

The Lift out Caddy

This is a game changer and comes as standard in every box. A lift out caddy with dividers means not only are your smaller items beautifully organised and easily transported, but also you have a clear view and easy access to the larger items in the main body of the box.

YETI LoadOut 15

The Divider

There’s a removable divider in the LoadOut GoBox 30 and 60 models which divides the section directly beneath the caddy and the open section alongside it – yet furthering your organisational prowess.

The Carry Handle

The strap that comes with every GoBox means that not only are they super strong and organised, they’re also really portable.

Three sizes to suit every need:

Loadout GoBox 15

YETI LoadOut GoBox 15

The smallest of the Loadout GoBox family, the 15 is perfect for keeping medical supplies neat and tidy, it makes a sturdy first aid box and a reliable carrier for a DJI drone, GoPro gear or DSLR camera kit.

  • Outside: 25.9cm W x 37.30cm D x 28.7cm H
  • Empty weight: 3.4 kg

Loadout GoBox 30

YETI LoadOut GoBox 30

The Goldilocks of the group, many people find the 30 ‘just right.’ It’s ideal as a fishing tackle box or, for organisational enthusiasts, it’s the ultimate ‘car’ supplies box. Keep it in your boot with cleaning equipment, safety gear, emergency supplies etc.

  • Outside: 55cm x 27.9 cm x 37.1 cm
  • Empty weight: 5.4 kg

Loadout GoBox 60

The largest in the family, the 60 is brilliant for extended camping trips so you can keep all the essentials you and the family need in one organised space. No more rootling around in the back of the car. Professional cleaners love having a large box to keep all their supplies, as do pro rock climbers, tradies and yachtsmen.

YETI Loadout GoBox 60

The many uses of a LoadOut GoBox...

The LoadOut GoBox is at home being dragged through muddy waters as it is in a dressing room, and as we’ve learned from our customers, they make ideal storage boxes for a myriad of different uses:


The LoadOut GoBox makes an ideal tackle box. Keep your lures and fishing line tucked up in the caddy, your polarised sunglasses and sun cream and valuables in the zippy pocket. Underneath is great for fishing scales, spare reels and tools.


The LoadOut GoBox makes a brilliant cosmetic/make up case. Brushes and tools can be kept in the zippy pockets, small items such as mascaras and foundations can me organised in the caddy whilst the body of the box is great for brushes, hairdryers, straighteners and sprays. The carry handle makes it really portable too.

Camping Companion

The LoadOut GoBox is essential for camping trips; once you have one in your life you won’t look back. With the LoadOut GoBox everything you need can be kept organised in one sturdy space – you’ll never be digging around for the lighter, torch or mallet again. It also makes a great dry food carrier and it’s brilliant for medical supplies.

Currently available in 5 colours – Camp Green, White, King Crab Orange, Tan and Charcoal. Shop them all here: LoadOut Go Collection

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