YETI Users Guide - Not just for the Wild!

YETI Users Guide - Not just for the Wild!

We’re a pretty outdoorsy bunch here at the boatyard, however we have come to realise that although the YETI range is superb when we’re out and about, most of the time we use our gear for pretty ordinary things. Case in point, I’m currently sat in our nice warm office drinking a cup of tea out of a 10 Oz Tumbler. Sometimes we're just looking for a sensibly sized and shaped Rambler to help us navigate the urban jungle. After all, we can’t all be hunters, wildlife photographers, fishermen or mountain climbers.

So, what better way to break down the myriad of YETI Drinkware options by running through a few everyday situations and what we’ve found to work best.

WARNING: None of these photos are edited 'a la Instagram'. This guide is aimed at those of you looking for genuine recommendations for everyday activities.

On the move

We often get asked whether 'product X' will fit in the cup holder of 'car Y'. Although we are fast becoming experts in the field of car cup holder dimensions, we are far from the complete catalogue! While my 18 Oz Bottle fits perfectly in the cup holder of a Vauxhall Astra, it is far too big for that of a Seat Leon... who knew?

While Abi goes into further detail in her YETI Size Guide, and the exact measurements of each product are available in their images, some rules of thumb can be applied to get you off the ground:

Firstly, the 10 Oz Tumbler is the narrowest of all the YETI drinkware range, and a pretty good bet to fit in most places. 10 fluid ounces coverts to around 295 milliliters, which is the equivalent of a big cup of tea or coffee.

Next, the 16 Oz Pint, 30 Oz Tumbler, 20 Oz Travel Mug and 30 Oz Travel Mug all feature a tapered down bottom half, making them much more likely to fit in a cup holder while offering a bit more volume for larger drinks.

On long car journeys in the summer, we often stop for fuel and buy a can of something for later on in the trip, only to find that it’s warm by the time we crack it open. The problem is solved with YETI Colsters, making sure your first sip is as refreshing as you’d hoped it would be 2 hours ago. They're also perfect for keeping your beer chilled.

If you're travelling by public transport then it really comes down to preference. If you prefer a bottle, YETI Chug or MagDock Caps (great if you’re a lid dropper like me!) are perfect for cold drinks, while for hot drinks you might prefer a HotShot Cap to carefully drink from or a Cup Cap to decant into and cool your hot beverage down to drinking temperature.

A short walk

Walking the dog or going for a quick loop at lunchtime? On a cold day, all we tend to need is a small cup of something warm. The 10 Oz Tumbler is easy to hold while not quite having your full attention. The handy MagSlider Lid stops any minor splashes and is easy to pop off should you need to cool the drink down quickly. 

For those with a dog on a lead or a child in tow and need to operate single handedly, you may wish to upgrade to a HotShot Bottle. Leak-proof and supremely insulated while allowing you to take controlled sips from any angle.

For a bit more volume, the 20 Oz Travel Mug is a nice balance of the two options. The screw on Leak-Resistant Lid allows for any unplanned tipping while a handle and the dual-slider (essentially a MagSlider Lid on steroids) make it really easy to use.

On warmer days, again I like to keep things simple with my 18 Oz Chug Bottle. The handle in the cap makes it really easy to swing by my side while I walk or clip on to a bag.

Working from home

Options, options everywhere… one thing that is not optional is hydration! Check out one customer’s setup below. A 10 Oz Tumbler for the coffee, with a 20 Oz Tumbler and Straw Lid with ice cold water ready to go – all sorted until lunch!

In the office

Although the obvious choices are covered above, it has to be said that the Travel Mug or a bottle could be handy if you’re carrying bits and bobs to a meeting and want to avoid unwanted drip.

Packed lunch? Look no further than the YETI Lunch Box. With a relatively rigid construction, you can say goodbye to crushed crisps and warm, squished sandwiches. As Gillian said in her review, “quality is as you would expect from YETI and very stylish.”

Small people (school run, out and about, general chaos!)

The Rambler Jr 12 Oz Bottle is the only one to come with a Straw Cap as standard. Perfect for sipping and virtually indestructible.

To be honest, the kids bottle is a great option for anyone (big or small) who is after a small drinks bottle with a Straw Cap, rather than having to buy a standard bottle or HotShot and a separate Straw Cap.

That end-of-the-day tipple

We absolutely love the 10 Oz Wine Tumblers for any get togethers. They’re just such lovely objects to hold and sip from. Crucially, they’ll keep your chosen poison at the right temperature, far better than any glass. At the time of writing, Christmas is just round the corner so we’ll be putting the Wine Tumblers to the test with some mulled wine and cider.

If cupboard space is at a premium, it is worth bearing in mind that the 16 Oz Pints are stackable (so handy!).

At the gym

Whether it's a quick 15-mins on the treadmill or a 2-hour beast of a session, keep hydrated with a Chug Bottle. Just make sure you get one the right size for what you’re going to need!

If you’re hitting the pool for a swim, you may wish to convert to a Straw Cap as this can be easier to reach up and flip open with one hand, while you're hanging onto the edge.

Hopefully that's helped you narrow down your options, but please do feel free to ask us if you need any help making that final choice. Simply use our online chat, call 01548844122 or email us at

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