YETI Size Guide - Rambler Cups, Mugs & Bottles

YETI Size Guide - Rambler Cups, Mugs & Bottles

When looking at which YETI is right for you and your family, size is very important. Everyone has their favourite mug or their go to size to order a coffee when out and about. Which size would be good if you went on a solo adventure or if you wanted to go out with the whole crew. We thought it might be helpful to break down the MANY variations and sizes of the YETI drinkware so that you can find what works best for you.

We have come up with our most FAQ’S:

Which YETI will fit in the car holder?

This has been a learning curve; we have found that it depends on your car – very unhelpful I know. So, here is some more detail about which YETI products fit most car cupholders:

  • 10 Oz YETI Tumblers is guaranteed to fit in all cars -
  • 16 Oz YETI Pint cups also fit in 99% of cup holders - 
  • 20 Oz & 30 Oz YETI Travel Mugs have a tapered base to ensure they fit snuggly in a cup holder - 
  • 20 Oz YETI Tumblers fit some cupholders in larger cars and trucks - 
  • 12 Oz & 18 Oz YETI Hotshots also fit some larger cars and trucks - 

What is a standard “regular” cup of coffee?

Generally, a standard coffee size in the UK is around 350ml (12 oz) and the standard tea size is between 250-350ml (8.5 -12 oz). As YETI is an American brand, the entire drink range is listed in ounces, however if you check the product descriptions on our website we also state the equivalent volume in millilitres. Just to clarify: 1 oz: 29.5ml.

Cup sizes from your favourite coffee shops will range from 160ml - 475ml (6-16 oz). This means we will have you covered from americano to cappuccino to latte. These sizes vary slightly from each coffee shop, but the 12 Oz YETI HotShot will fit most styles of coffee. If you prefer a more on-the-go style, any of the 10 Oz YETI Tumblers will fit most coffee needs.

Here we have laid out a simple size comparison to get you in the know so you can make the right decision:

  • 10 oz YETI tumbler: roughly the same dimensions as a can of gin and tonic
  • 10 oz YETI mug: standard builder mug
  • 10 oz YETI wine tumbler: stemless standard wine glass
  • 10 oz YETI lowball: modelled on a classic whisky tumbler
  • 12 oz YETI Bottle: Tall can of beer (565ml)
  • 18 oz YETI Bottle: Tall pillar candle (around 26cm tall)
  • 20 oz YETI Tumbler / Travel Mug: About the width as a tennis ball and 19cm long (think the length of a TV remote or banana)

If I chose one of the YETI Ramblers with a handle, will they still fit in my cup holder?

YETI being YETI have thought of everything and have created a hybrid 20 Oz/30 Oz travel mug which has the tumbler design, with a slim base to fit in car holders and the comfort of a sturdy handle.

If you are a tea drinker that prefers their travel cup to have a handle, then the YETI Mug range is for you, however these brilliant insulated mugs won't fit your car cupholder. Alternatively, if you prefer something slim and ergonomic for the car or a backpack side pocket, then the tumbler range will work better for you.

Let’s not forget the doggies:

If you're wondering which YETI Boomer dog bowl is right for your dog, we currently stock both sizes, the YETI Boomer 4 and the YETI Boomer 8 in a great choice of colours.

Dog bowl sizes:

  • The Boomer 4: 950ML (32 oz)
  • The Boomer 8: 1900ML (64 oz)

Whether you have a small pooch that only requires a small bowl or you have a thirsty hound that drinks like a cow (sometimes they drink up to 20 gallons a day!), YETI Boomer dog bowls are strong, sturdy and virtually indestructible. Not to mention they look great as well. For our medium-sized labrador, we have found she likes the Boomer 8 which is big enough for her food and plenty of water.

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