YETI Surf Essentials - The Ultimate Dawnie Accessories

YETI Surf Essentials - The Ultimate Dawnie Accessories

At Stones Boatyard, we like to keep a balance of work and fun. So, when the waves arrive, we like to jump at the opportunity of a “dawnie”. Waking up before first light to head down to our local breaks; surfing in the sea as the sun rises is pretty special. To just about classify this as work, our adventures are suited up by our YETI products. Here are some of my essentials for a Sunrise surf:

YETI Panga Backpacks

If I’m heading to my nearest beach on foot, while I surf, I’ll stash my gear in my Panga Backpack 28. It’s 100% waterproof to make sure my clothes keep dry, even if the rain arrives whilst I’m out in the water. The lash points on the front are perfect for attaching my sidekick dry, so my keys and essentials are easily reachable.

YETI Camino 35 2.0

For storing my wetsuit, this open-top durable tote works perfectly. Great for transporting all your beach gear, YETI Camino bags also make the ideal changing bucket. Standing in this sturdy bag means my feet stay off the sand and, more importantly, so does my wetsuit. It even stops my feet turning blue on those cold winter mornings.

When I get home, I can shove the whole lot under the tap or hose to rinse off any sand and salt from the bag and my suit.

YETI Hopper Flip 8

One of the brilliant things about YETI cool bags is that not only do they keep fridge stuff fresh in the summer, but they can also be used to keep warm foods toasty in the winter months. For me, there’s nothing better than hot porridge with foraged blackberries and syrup as a post-surf breakfast. The Hopper Flip 8 is just the right size for storing a Tiffin tin, my coffee cup (we’ll get to that later) and some fruit or snacks meaning there’s no need to rush home.

YETI 1/2 Gallon Jug

After an hour or two in the salty ocean, I’m always desperate for some cool fresh water. These YETI 1/2 Gallon Jugs hold enough fluid for a good glug, and you can use the rest to wash off those sandy toes. They have a neat magnetic screw lid that you can secure to the top of the flask when in use keeping it safe and sand-free.

YETI 10 Oz Tumbler

My ideal vessel for drinking on the go, these YETI 10 Oz Tumblers are perfect for a warming cuppa. With its slimline design, it's suitable for every adventure and keeps my tea or coffee hot until I’m ready to drink it. I love that it fits in my car cup holder, and the Magslider lid stops it from sloshing about when I’m bumping along down to the beach.

YETI Lowlands Blanket

When I am feeling particularly boujee, the Lowlands Blanket is a MUST. If the surf session has been absolutely ripping, being able to lounge out in the sun on this soft YETI quilt is heaven. With a tarp-like underside, it’s made from a super durable and waterproof material which is perfect for getting changed on. Soft and cosy underfoot, it’s the perfect barrier to the cold sand on a winter morning and my feet absolutely love it!

Super portable, when it’s time to head to work I just give it a shake to remove any sand and pop it in the over-the-shoulder carry bag. It also doubles up as a warm and waterproof blanket for any of my buddies who prefer to watch the surf from the safety of the beach!

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