YETI Tundra Owner's Guide

YETI Tundra Owner's Guide

The YETI Tundra was is where it all began. Two Fishermen were fed up with the lids caving in, handles snapping off, and cooler walls cracking of their sub standard cool boxes, so they decided to create their own. They introduced a super sturdy and durable cooler with 3” of roto moulding insulation, virtually indestructible with an ability to take 500lb’s worth of weight, that’s 225kg! The YETI Tundra revolutionized coolers and gave us the opportunity to go for long adventures into the wild.

In a variety of sizes, colours and styles, it’s easy to find the right cooler for your lifestyle. We want to talk about some of the key features that we have tried and tested.

YETI Tundra 45 in Tan rigged up for transport

The beast itself

The Tundra’s come in 11 sizes!

The Tundra series starts at the Tundra 35 (30.5L), upwards to a whopping Tundra 350 with a capacity of 311L - it can fit a quartered deer or deep-sea catches, also, its ideal for Ice baths! For weekend jaunts or an adventurous week away, we would recommend one of the staples of the standard 4 that we stock: Tundra 35, Tundra 45, Tundra 65 and the Tundra Haul.

As a general rule, we would say the 35 is great for couples on a day out or a few days away. The 45 is perfect for a family of 4 for at least a day (it will easily hold a bottle of wine and all the food you could need for an all day adventure), and for longer trips with the family. You can stash all your food for a camping trip for a few days in a 45.

If you’re a larger family, or you’re teaming up with a few friends – the 65 if the one for you. It’s also perfect if you’re heading away camping for around 5 days – you’ll have plenty of space for all your goodies for a longer trip in the roomy 65.

The haul is also one of the larger models for longer trips or bigger groups – the difference being that it comes with non-puncture wheels so you can easily pull it along to your al fresco picnic spot.

Close up of gasket in White YETI Tundra

How to clean a YETI Tundra

Everyday cleaning: When your cooler gets a little muddy or grimy, a mixture of dish soap and water should do the trick. Make sure the cooler is dry before storing.

Tougher stains:For a more thorough cleaning ,scrub vigorously with a mildly abrasive brush.

High-pressure washing: For the toughest stains and odours, use a pressure washer.

Hard to reach areas: In extreme cases, odours can get trapped in hard-to-reach areas such as the sealing gasket and drain plug assembly. Remove these components to clean them individually. Also, thoroughly clean the areas of the cooler where these components attach.

We have experimented a few times post fishing trips, with lining it with coffee grounds/lemon/lavender to try and eradicate the smell which works pretty well!

Ultimately, these coolers are made for being out in the wild and probably won’t spend lots of time being spic and span!

YETI Ice in Tundra 65

Maximising Ice Retention

When packed and used correctly the Tundra’s can stay cool and fresh for up to 5 days to a week. There are some key things that will maximise the longevity:

Set the base temperature: Pop your YETI ICE blocks in the freezer 48hrs before your trip. Fill up your Tundra with a hose and a sacrificial bucket of ice, close it up and leave it for a couple of hours, this will bring down the base temperature.

Air is the enemy: Empty out the water and ice using the bung. Line the base of the Tundra with the YETI ICE blocks, pack in your items, cover with ice (ratio 2:1), minimise the air space by either filling with more ice or packing with a towel. Exposure to air will decrease the efficiency!

Turbo charge: Add rock salt to make the ice last even longer! Or try adding dry ice to minimise exposure to oxygen.

Highlands Olive Tundra 65

Tundra Accessories

The Tundra range comes with an array of accessories which allow you to personalise your cooler.

YETI ICE The ICE works at a negative thermal energy, similar to dry ice. It absorbs the heat of objects around it, ultimately keeping things cooler for longer. The Ice comes in two styles and 3 sizes; Thick and Thin / small, medium and large. The YETI ICE fits ergonomically in all the different sizes of the Tundras.

YETI Divider: These are ideal for separating your goods and organising your items, they can also double up as a handy chopping board. YETI Tundra Dividers come both lengthways and widthways.

YETI Seadek: The YETI Tundra SeaDek is a layer or foam that sticks onto the top of the chest, doubling up your coolers as an additional seat on the boat or around the fire. This was initially designed for fly fishing to to add some grip whilst standing on the cooler (did we mention it can take 500lbs worth of weight?!)

YETI Locking Bracket: If you want to secure your Tundra onto your boat, truck or whatever, the handy little YETI Locking Bracket makes it easy to do so.

YETI Tundra 45 in Harvest Red


The YETI Tundras are under 5-year warranty against defects in the materials and workmanship after purchase. These things are pretty beastly though and we like to think you won’t have any issues other than natural wear and tear over time, which shows you are enjoying your cool box, these more superficial marks and scuffs are to be expected. These babies are meant to last! They are bear proof (admittedly not such an issue for us in the UK), but it reflects the durability and unfailing quality that the Tundras have.

In the unlikely event you do have an issue with your Tundra – just get in touch and we will sort it pronto.

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