Over the years, Batt sails have been top of the fleet in all of the main Salcombe Regattas. WeĀ would be happy to give you a quote for your next new suit of Yawl sails.

Batt Sails

Salcombe Yawl Sails

Weā€™ve spent many years experimenting and perfecting different sail and mast designs for theĀ Salcombe yawlĀ with our sail maker, Dick Batt.Ā 

The Salcombe yawl sails produced by Batt Sails work perfectly with the woodenĀ masts we build for these iconic sailing boats.

With consistent results year after year, we're confident that Batt Sails are the bestĀ available choice for anyone who wants toĀ be at the top of the fleet.

Made For The Fickle Winds of Salcombe

Dick, being a realĀ traditionalist, has always made sure thatĀ all boat sails are made in-house and not outsourced.Ā This passion for his product means Dick takes full controlĀ over the quality and consistency of every sail he makes.

If you are interested in buying new sails for your Salcombe Yawl or other launch,Ā please call or drop in for a chat, we loveĀ talking sails!

At the boatyard, we can also carry outĀ a mast bend test to ensure that any new sails areĀ made to fit your existing mast.

Boat Sails Enquiries