The Best YETI Accessories

The Best YETI Accessories

As one of the biggest YETI stockists in Europe, we’ve spent a lot of time getting to know the various YETI accessories available. Whether we're road testing them on fishing trips and beach days, or taking them on coastal treks and camping holidays, we've spent time getting to grips with what's on offer. Based on our experiences of upgrading YETI products, we decided it was high time for a definitive experts guide to the best YETI accessories.

YETI accessories allow you to personalise your YETI items, tailoring them to your needs when you're out in the wild. We love personalising our Ramblers, Tundras, Caminos and Pangas, and YETI's range of accessories allows us to do so in style. Practical, considered and built to YETI's legendary high standards, YETI add-ons are here to make your favourite products even better.

YETI Sidekick Dry

The SideKick Dry is the perfect accessory to help keep your important belongings safe, dry and organised when you're out and about in the great outdoors. Currently available in Navy and Charcoal, this innovative waterproof pouch will happily house money, keys, phones and wallets worry-free and close to hand, whatever your adventure.

Featuring a powerful magnetic seal, hook-and-loop closure and RF-welded seams, the SideKick Dry scratch resistant pouch has seriously strong durability and watertight credentials. Best of all, handy lash points mean the Sidekick Dry can easily be attached to most other YETI cool bags.

YETI Rambler Bottle Sling

A useful hands-free holder for your Rambler bottle, YETI's Rambler Bottle Slings can attach directly to your YETI Hopper cooler or Camino Carryall, and work just as well on their own across the shoulder.

YETI bottle slings are available in two sizes and two best-selling YETI colours, Highlands Olive and Charcoal. The small sling fits the 18oz Rambler bottle, while the larger version fits the 26oz and 36oz bottles. Keep your hands free and stay hydrated on the go, whether it's a morning hike, rocky scramble or sunset stroll along the beach.

YETI Molle Bottle Opener and Molle Zinger

Nobody wants to be caught without a bottle opener when you finally reach that mountain peak or secluded beach, and with YETI's Molle Bottle Opener you'll never be left wanting again. This small, low profile bottle opener attaches directly to a YETI Hopper cooler. A maximum-leverage no-snag opener, it's built to withstand the great outdoors thanks to corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Even more convenient, the Molle Zinger bottle opener attaches to a Hopper HitchPoint in the same way, but a super-strong, durable retractable cord means the opener comes to you. What's more, it's a doddle to add other field tools to the Molle Zinger split ring, from clippers to small flashlights.

YETI Rambler Jug Mounts

For dedicated on-the-go adventurers, the YETI Rambler Jug Mount is a seriously convenient accessory. With a mount to suit either the half-gallon or one gallon jug, these rugged, durable mounts help keep your Rambler securely in place. The mounts are really easy to install and can be fastened to ATV's, work trucks, trailers and boats by using the bolts, screws, nyloc nuts and washers provided. No more jug rolling when you're on the move - your water will be right where you left it, when you need it. 


Brimming with science, YETI ICE is an absolutely essential accessory for any YETI cool bag or cool box owner, from Roadies to Hoppers. Designed to maximise ice retention in any cooler, they're an ideal supplement to ice cubes and their break-resistant design means they'll stand up to any outdoor adventure.

It's best to use YETI ICE the day before your adventure begins so that your cooler is at the right temperature when it's time to leave. Whether it's the 1lb, 2lb or larger 4lb version, your YETI ICE will reduce freezing time and keep your food and drink colder for much longer.

YETI Tundra Dividers

If you're got a mixture of food, drink, or even fresh catches in your Tundra cooler, a Tundra Divider might just be the perfect accessory to keep your cold space organised. Designed to keep unfriendly foods apart and prevent spillages, Tundra Dividers can even stop fresh food from being squashed by a stray bottle or two.

Easy to fit thanks to pre-existing moulded grooves, Tundra Dividers also double up as really handy chopping boards when not in use. Perfect for showcasing your culinary skills in the great outdoors. These dividers fit all Tundras from the 35 up to the Tundra 75.

YETI Tundra Basket

Designed to sit snugly inside any regular YETI Tundra cooler, the YETI Tundra Basket is a really handy accessory when it comes to organising your cool box. Say goodbye to soggy sandwiches and damp delicacies by arranging your food and drink much more strategically.

The basket is made from a coated steel wire frame and sits safely at the top of the inside of your cooler, high above any ice or melt water below. Larger models even have enough room for two baskets, so it's a doddle to maximise the available cooling space. 

Just make sure you choose the right size for your cooler. The smaller basket suits the Tundra 35 and 45 and the large version fits the 50 and 65. Please note, all of our Tundras, excluding the Haul, come with one basket included.  

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