A Guide to YETI Lids

A Guide to YETI Lids

Choosing the right lid for your YETI drinkware might not be the most exciting topic but it's certainly an important one. Our customers ask us many questions about YETI lids and which drinkware they fit. So we've put together this useful article to give you the full lowdown on YETI lids.

Essentially there are four different sizes that fit throughout YETI's range of drinkware. Usually, your YETI lid will fit at least one other YETI drinkware item. To try and simplify things we have split them into two categories:

Rambler Tumblers, Lowballs and Mugs

Smooth sealing Rambler lids - 10 Oz / 10-20 Oz / 30 Oz Lids, Straw Lids

  • MagSlider Lid - Small, magnetic opening that you push back to drink from
  • Straw Lid - Milkshake style lid with a firm plastic straw

It's important to remember that these lids are not completely leak proof! They’re designed to help keep your drink the right temperature, reduce spills and keep unwanted objects (flies?!) out of your drink – but you couldn’t throw them in your bag without them leaking.

If you need something that is completely spill proof, go for a Rambler Bottle with any of the accompanying lids or the 20oz/30 oz Travel mugs that come with a screw lid which is leak proof.

Rambler Bottles

Screw on Rambler caps - Chug Cap, MagDock, Hotshot Cap, Straw Cap

  • Chug Cap - Drinking spout that lets you hydrate quickly
  • MagDock Cap - Similar to chug but with a very cool magnetic cap that attaches magically to the bottle
  • Straw Cap - Classic, folding spout with a straw, great for on the go
  • HotShot Cap - 360 perimeter drinking edge with a removable centre that is perfect for hot drinks, easy cleaning and drinking from whilst on the go.

All the Rambler lids are interchangeable with all the Rambler bottle range.

YETI drinkware lids

Your YETI lid questions answered

What lids come as standard and included in the price?

The standard lid for the Tumblers, Lowballs and Mugs is the MagSlider. The standard lid for Rambler Bottles is the Chug Cap and Straw Bottles come with a Straw Cap.

Do all of the cups come with a lid included in the price?

It's worth noting that the Pint cupsLowballs and 8 oz cup are designed as a stackable cup, and come with a MagSlider lid included in the price. The Wine Tumblers, aslo come with a MagSlider lid as standard.  The only mugs/cups that do not come with a lid are the new Rambler Stackable 4 oz cup and 6 oz mug, these do come as a 2 pack though!

What does the 10/20 Oz lid range fit?

This lid is for the 10 Oz Mugs, 10 Oz Lowballs, 16 Oz Pint,  and 24 Oz Mug and the 20 Oz Tumblers which all have the same diameter but hold different volumes.

In which case, what does the “just” 10 oz lid range fit?

This is for the dinky 10 Oz Tumbler, a sleek sophisticated vessel and for the wine tumbler.

Does the 30 Oz Tumbler and 14 Oz Mug fit the same lid?

Yes! Again, these are wider diameter cups that hold different volumes. The 30 Oz is a beast and about twice the height of the mug.

Do MagSlider and Straw lids fit any of the Travel Mugs?

No! The Travel Mug comes with the Rambler StrongHold Lid which is a twist on lid. The MagSlider and Straw Lids are not compatible with Travel Mugs.

Do you have bottles for kids?

Yes! Check out the YETI Rambler Jr 12 Oz Bottle. They feature a straw cap, and come in lots of groovy colours to keep the little ones happy. Looking for a bigger bottle for your big kid we now have the 18 Oz Straw Bottles available in lots of cool colours with a matching straw cap.

Can you use both hot and cold drinks with the standard chug cap?

We would recommend the chug cap for cold drinks and speedy hydration. For hot drinks we would suggest using the HotShot cap. These caps will fit on any of the Rambler bottle range.

How Many Rambler bottle sizes are there?

At the moment there are six: The 12, 18, 26, 36, 46 and 64 Oz – these are all interchangeable with rambler lids.

YETI wine tumbler lid

Which drinkware and lid combinations are the best?

This really depends on what you're using your YETI drinkware for and where you're planning on taking it. We've put together our suggested drinkware and lid combinations for a wide range of activities and adventures.

  • Hiking - 26 Oz Rambler with standard chug cap
  • Boating - 14 Oz Mug with standard MagSlider lid
  • Beach Sundowner - 10 Oz Wine Tumbler with wine tumbler lid
  • Morning Coffee - 10 Oz Tumbler / 10 Oz Mug with wine tumbler lid
  • Dog Walk - 12 Oz HotShot
  • Post Wild Swim - 20 Oz Tumbler with standard 20 Oz MagSlider lid
  • BBQ Beers - 16 Oz Pint with standard 20 Oz MagSlider lid
  • City Breaks - 18 Oz Rambler with HotShot cap
  • Coffee Addiction - 30 Oz Tumbler with standard 30 oz MagSlider lid
  • Sunrise Smoothie - 16 Oz Pint with 20 Oz straw lid
  • Fireside Whisky - 10 Oz Lowball with standard MagSlider lid
  • Adventures - 36 Oz Rambler bottle with standard chug cap
  • On The Go - Straw cap
  • Chuck In Bag - Rambler Bottles
  • Rapid Hydration - Chug Cap
  • In The Car - 18 Oz Rambler bottle with HotShot cap
  • Cool Factor - Magdock cap
  • All Day Drinking - Straw lid
  • For Kids - 12 Oz Jr. Rambler
  • Post Surf - 14 Oz Mug
  • Hot Chocs - 14 Oz / 10 Oz Mugs

YETI Rambler 20 oz lids

Which lids fit which drinkware products?

To really simply things, we've put together two easy to understand tables to work our which lids fit which YETI drinkware products.

Rambler Bottles

Rambler 18 Oz Bottle Rambler 26 Oz Bottle Rambler 36 Oz Bottle HotShot 12 Oz Bottle YETI Rambler Jr 12 Oz Kids Bottle
Comes with Rambler Bottle Chug Cap as standard Yes Yes Yes
Comes with Rambler Bottle HotShot cap as standard Yes
Rambler Bottle straw cap as standard Yes
Fits the Rambler Bottle Chug cap Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fits the Rambler Bottle HotShot cap Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fits the Rambler Bottle straw cap Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fits the Rambler Bottle Magdock lid Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Rambler Tumblers and Cups

Rambler 10 Oz Wine Tumbler  Rambler 10 Oz Tumbler Rambler 10 Oz Lowball Rambler 20 Oz Tumbler
Rambler 30 Oz Tumbler
Rambler 16 Oz Pint  Rambler 10 Oz Mug Rambler 14 Oz Mug
Wine Tumbler Magslider lid Yes Yes
Tumbler Magslider Lid 10/20 Oz Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tumbler Magslider lid 30 Oz Yes Yes Yes
Tumbler Straw Lid 20 Oz Yes Yes
Tumbler Straw lid 30 Oz Yes Yes
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