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YETI - Your Questions Answered

As the largest YETI stockist in the UK, we've become go-to experts on the full range of YETI products. From YETI Tundra Coolers and Rambler Drinkware to Bloomer Dog Bowls and Trailhead Camp Chairs, we know these products inside and out. Buying any of YETI's brilliant products can take some consideration, after all these aren't run of the mill cool boxes, camping cups and travel mugs - that's why we're always on hand to answer any questions our customers have before they make a purchase. To help you too, we've put together a list of frequently asked questions which may help you choose the perfect YETI product for your needs.

Are YETI cups safe to drink from?

Yes of course! All YETI drinkware is crafted from 18/8 kitchen grade stainless steel and are BPA free, meaning they are not only absolutely safe to drink from, but are also puncture and rust resistant. We love using our YETI pint cups and tumblers in the office here at Stones, and drink from them every day. The YETI mugs are also a firm favourite for keeping our cups of tea nice and toasty.

We happily let our kids drink from them all day every day, and there’s no way we would do that if we had any concerns about their safety.

YETI 12oz Junior Rambler Bottle

Are YETI mugs dishwasher safe?

Yes, absolutely! We doubt you will have a dishwasher out in the wild on your YETI adventure anyway, but for home-grown adventures, of course, bung your mugs and any other YETI drinkware in the dishwasher. After all, the less chores to do, the more time for fun right?

The DuraCoat colour on the colourful bottles also mean that they never crack or peel.

Here at Stones we send the kids to school with the 12 Oz Junior Rambler Bottles, and they all go in the dishwasher every evening, so we can confidently say they are 100% dishwasher safe - and that includes all the lids too!

Does a YETI mug fit in a cup holder?

No, the sturdy handle on both YETI mug sizes means they won’t fit in most standard cup holders. To keep hydrated on the road, we recommend the Rambler 20 Oz Tumbler, or if you’re really thirsty, the Rambler 30 Oz Tumbler. (The clever design means that whilst the 30 Oz is a beast of a cup, the base is slimmer to fit into a cup holder.) Both cups come with the MagSlider Lid which will protect against spills, and is super easy to sup from. A heads up though, the MagSlider Lid doesn’t completely seal the cup so whilst it helps prevent spills, it isn’t leak proof.

For your hot drinks whilst driving, our favourite YETI travel cup is the Rambler 12oz HotShot. The 360-degree inner lid on the hotshot cap means with just half a twist, you can drink from any side... very handy whilst on the go. And if you’re on the go all day, just pop the HotShot cap on an 18 Oz Rambler Bottle which will fit nicely in your cup holder and keep your drink hot all day long.

Are YETI Hopper soft coolers worth the money?

In short, yes. They are an excellent investment, and we have never had a customer regret buying a YETI soft cooler.

Why? Here are some of the best bits about the soft coolers: they’re super portable and all YETI Hoppers come with a handy and comfortable shoulder strap. They’re 100% leak proof with the HydroLock Zipper and taped seams, and offer amazing thermal performance meaning they will keep things on ice for days.

YETI soft coolers are also really tough. The nylon is virtually indestructible and they all have a solid, compression moulded base which basically means you can throw them down anywhere, on any terrain, and you’ll never cause any damage.

YETI tundra and hopper

Are YETI Tumblers leak proof?

YETI Tumblers all come with the MagSlider Lid which features a small magnetic strip that allows smooth opening and closing to drink from. MagSlider Lids do a great job of preventing spills and splashes on the go, but are not completely leak proof and you couldn’t throw your tumbler in your backpack without some spillage.

For something completely sealed and absolutely leak proof opt for a YETI Rambler Bottle with any of the official YETI caps (HotShot, Chug Cap, Straw Cap), all of which can be thrown around without worrying about leaks.

Why are YETI coolers so expensive?

Good question. In a nutshell it’s because they are engineered to work. Your YETI cool box will always keep up with you, no matter how gnarly your adventure. They keep your food, drinks and freshly caught fish colder for longer, they’re super durable and virtually indestructible.

To get a bit technical, YETI use PermaFrost Insulation which means thick walls filled with specially designed foam, provide insane insulation and also making YETI cool boxes really strong and durable. Thermal retention is maximised by a freezer quality ColdLock Gasket which ensures, when used properly, your YETI will keep ice for days. We’ve had calls from customers telling us they were amazed that at the end of a five-day camping trip, they still had ice in their Tundra.

Finally, if you have any issues at all with your Tundra (which is highly unlikely), we will sort the problem for you, no questions asked. YETI’s coolers are designed to be ‘the last cooler you’ll ever buy,’ and we stand by that.

Do the soft coolers keep food/drinks as cold for as long as the hard coolers?

With their sturdy shell, thick insulation and waterproof zippers, Hopper soft coolers are a serious piece of kit and can easily keep ice for a couple of days, but the hard coolers will keep ice for even longer, definitely up to five days if used properly.

So whilst the Tundra Coolers have the edge when it comes to keeping ice on longer trips, the soft coolers win out on portability with their comfortable shoulder strap and lightweight design, perfect for single day trips or an overnight adventure.

Can you fit wine bottles standing up in a YETI Roadie?

Yes! We can vouch for it! The Roadie 24 Cooler can carry eight standard size wine bottles with the recommended 4lb YETI Ice lining the base. That's six standing upright and two slotted in the middle upside down. This is the only YETI hard cooler that takes wine bottles standing up (other than the haul), making it the perfect party cool box.

How do I clean a YETI cooler?

All YETI coolers other than the Roadie 24 come with a clever built-in drain, which makes rinsing out your coolbox a breeze. We recommend a quick wash down after use with soapy water, and for stubborn stains try a mixture of water and bleach (6:1 ratio).

Is YETI Ice really that much better than standard ice blocks?

In our opinion, yes. We have found YETI Ice to be super-efficient, and the big draw for us is that they are designed to perfectly fit whichever cooler you opt for. For example, the 4lb ice blocks sits perfectly in the base of the roadie – meaning you only need one ice block to keep all the contents nice and chilled.

YETI Ice works in two ways, firstly, as an ice substitute if you want to keep things clean and simple, and don’t want to mess around with actual ice. We use the YETI Ice blocks on long hot days out on the water, and we’re always amazed by how cold everything is at the end of the day.

Secondly, YETI Ice can work as a supplement, or ‘supercharger’ for your ice. If you throw a frozen YETI Ice in with some actual ice, the YETI Ice block will melt and the individual ice cubes will form solid around the YETI block, thus extending the life of the regular ice. (To get technical, YETI Ice is designed to melt at an earlier temperature than other ice, and as it turns from solid to liquid it draws heat from the surrounding ice, meaning that the loose ice actually stays colder for longer.)

Finally, like all YETI products, they are virtually indestructible!


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