Introducing the YETI Hopper M Series

Introducing the YETI Hopper M Series

YETI Hopper M15 on a boat

We are excited to finally bring you the new Hopper M-Series. These 100% leakproof, YETI Hopper Soft Coolers are built for adventures where portability is the main concern.

Supremely insulated and constructed using the most durable materials, these extra tough, easy-to-carry coolers are perfect for days spent hiking the coastal path, exploring on a paddleboard or loading up for the beach. With four new designs to choose from, we've broken down the different sizes and styles to help you decide which is the best YETI Hopper Cooler for you.

Using the Hopper M12 backpack for foraging the coastline

YETI Hopper M12

The Hopper M12 is the baby of the bunch and the most space efficient model when it comes to precious packing space. An ergonomic backpack, the main access is via a wide magnetic lined opening that, when closed, folds down and is secured with external straps. The outer body is made with DryHide Shell, a high-density puncture-proof fabric that withstands UV rays. Both interior and exterior materials are also treated to be mildew-resistant. The YETI Hopper M12 has lash points on the front for additional storage and a kangaroo pocket for easy access to phones, keys, or your wallet.

Perfect for day adventures and feeding the family on the go, this lightweight model uses cold cell insulation to keeps your food and drink chilled.

Size guide: Fully loaded, the M12 can hold up to 20 x 330ml cans of beer.

YETI Hopper M15 on the beach

YETI Hopper M15

The Hopper M15 is a practical insulated tote that's perfect for picnics, days at the beach or times when you want to keep takeout food hot until it's time to eat. With a highly impressive thermal performance, all Hoppers feature ColdCell Insulation, utilising closed-cell foam technology to lock the temperature in and keep your food and drink fresh. The M15 features double-stitched reinforced pick-up points and a handy shoulder strap to ensure it can handle a heavy load. With an anti-scratch exterior and multiple lash points accessories, such as a YETI sidekick dry, YETI sling or even a YETI Molle Zinger - this bag is made for adventures.

Size guide: Offering more capacity than the M12 backpack, the Hopper M15 cooler can hold up to 32 x 330ml cans of beer.

YETI Hopper M20

The YETI Hopper M20 is a large backpack cool bag made for the intrepid adventurer. With a 20-litre capacity, the M20 will fit all the food and drink you need, and is comfortably tall enough to hold upright wine bottles as well. Hopper coolers feature MagShield Access, a durable and powerful magnetic strip that creates an ultra leak-resistant seal. These bags stays open when you need them to, and snap closed with a gentle push when it's time to seal in that freshness.

The ergonomic straps and design allow you to travel further in comfort. Despite it's size and supreme insulation, the Hopper M20 is lightweight at just 2kg pre-packed.

Size guide: Keep up to 36 x 330ml cans of beer ice cold.

YETI Hopper M30 in the water

YETI Hopper M30

The M30 is the classic carryall that is an absolute YETI fan favourite. Taking key design features from the best-selling YETI Camino tote collection, the Hopper M30 has been redesigned with a thermo-insulated interior, an open-mouth design with intelligent magnetic strip closure and external straps to secure the bag to a boat or paddleboard. The large over-the-shoulder straps have cushioning to bring maximum comfort and the base of the bag is heavy-duty and scratch-resistant.

The new and improved YETI Hopper M30 continues to shine as YETI's number one tough-as-nails soft cooler and is the perfect cool bag for a large group heading out into the wild.

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