Six Cool Camping Accessories from YETI

Six Cool Camping Accessories from YETI

Camping doesn't need to be all warm beers, cold brews, back ache and soggy food. Take your camping game to the next level with these must-have cool camping essentials from YETI.

Tundra 65

If you’re taking the family into the wilds, or getting a bunch of friends together for a weekend in the great outdoors, the YETI Tundra 65 is the perfect piece of kit for keeping all your essentials (and some luxuries) nice and chilled.

It sits perfectly in the boot of your car or van, and with a capacity of 54.1 litres, it’s easily roomy enough to hold enough drinks and food for those longer trips away.

The freezer quality seal and 3 inch insulation means you can rely on the 65 to keep your goodies fresh – we’ve had customers report back to us that they still had ice in their 65 at the end of a 5 day camping trip.

Just remember – air is the enemy! Fill your 65 up as much as possible, and when you start to tuck into your sausages etc, try and fill any gaps with towels or similar. Two 4lb YETI ICE blocks, and one 2lb YETI ice block will line the base perfectly, and will do the trick – there shouldn’t be any need to add fresh ice which will mean all your food stays nice and dry. 

It feels like it’s built like a tank, it really is indestructible and our customers have been blown away by how well it works – it may be expensive, but it will be the last cool box you need to buy.



We’ve discussed before on here how much better YETI ICE blocks are than your average ice block, and we can only talk from personal experience and customer feedback, and the consensus is that the YETI ice blocks perform extremely well. They just work. And the added beauty of them is that they are specifically designed to fit with your YETI cool box – so for example the 4lb ice lines the base of the roadie perfectly.

If you want to know that your food and drink will stay chilled for the duration of your camping trip, invest in the correct YETI ICE for your cool box. For when you’re out and about during the day, you might want to consider the YETI thin ice for your smaller cool boxes. Beautifully lightweight, these smaller ice blocks are a great match for the Hoppers or the lunch boxes and bags – and are just right for keeping everything chilled for the day.

YETI One Gallon Jug on boat

Rambler One Gallon Jug

This beast of a jug feels like it was made for camping trips. Fill it up with water to keep hydrated at your base camp, or put your chilled wine into it for those long lunches on the beach (avoiding have glass bottles on the campsite or beach is always a good thing).

Better still, make a big batch of hearty stew or soup before you leave home and serve a warm supper to your happy campers. One lady bought a YETI One Gallon Jug from us to keep her cooked sausages warm so she could speedily dispense hot dogs to her kids on the beach – genius!

The magnetic cap is such a handy contraption and the spout makes it easy to pour from, even if you only have the light from the starry skies!

YETI Lowlands Blanket on the beach

Lowlands Blanket

If ever there was a versatile and multi-purpose camping blanket/rug, it’s the YETI Lowlands Blanket. We absolutely love ours. One side is completely waterproof, so it provides a comfortable sitting place – no matter how rugged (or soggy!) the terrain. Brilliant on wet sandy beaches. It doubles up as a huge body warmer for evenings around the camp fire (we can wrap both our kids up in it, snug as a bug!).

We have even used ours as a ground blanket in the tent for some extra warmth at night and it worked a treat.

It folds up and pops back into its back really easily (I’m inherently lazy with putting things back in the bags they came in, but this is so easy to fold up and slip in, it’s a dream!) Plus, it washes really well, so you can let the good times roll without worrying about the inevitable mess!

YETI Trailhead chair

Trailhead Camp Chair

We thought the same as you…that’s a lot of money for a camp chair. But it’s the quality of this chair that makes all the difference. We've lost count of the cheap camp chairs that we've bought and broken over the years so it's nice to know these premium camping chairs are going to last way beyond one summer season.

The sturdy feet means you can sit steady and admire the view on pretty much any terrain. The netting is super strong and so comfortable, and it clicks into place and folds up super easily. It comes in a bag with backpack straps which makes it easy to carry to your al fresco destination.

Do you ever get the feeling when you sit in a traditional fold out chair that you have sunk so low, you may never get out, even before you’ve started on the rosé? In the YETI Trailhead Camp Chair you sit down feeling secure and super comfortable, but due to the fabric being lovely and tight, you know you can hop out should you need to stoke the fire/refill your drink/fend off bears in the campsite.

And of course after a tough hike or an awesome surf, you’ll need a drink to relax with – so the drink holder on the chair is a very welcome addition. In short, this is one camp chair you’ll be happy to sit in for sun downers and long into the night star gazing, safe in the knowledge no parts of your anatomy are going to get numb!

YETI Hopper Backflip and accessories

Hopper BackFlip 24

So you’ve set up your camp and now you’re ready to explore. The Hopper BackFlip 24 is the cooler you need for hikes, beach trips and bear hunts with the kids. It takes bottles of wine standing up, and there’s plenty of space for a family lunch or BBQ – but the best bit is that you can carry it all on your back so you’re hands are free for scrambling to those magical picnic spots.

You can zip open the entire top of the bag, which makes it really easy to grab what you need – and obviously it’s completely waterproof so it’s great for jumping in and out of boats too. We recommend 1 x 4lb YETI ice to line the base of the backflip, or a large thin ice if you want to keep it lightweight.


Discover these and a huge range of cool camping accessories in our YETI Outdoor Living Collection.

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