The Best YETI Cool Boxes

The Best YETI Cool Boxes

When it comes to choosing a hard cooler or soft cooler from YETI's extensive range, it certainly takes some consideration. Available in different shapes, sizes, colours and budgets, different YETI cool boxes are more suitable for some types of adventures than others. Our active, outdoor family lifestyle has given us the chance to road (and water!) test the very same YETI products that we keep in stock. The cooler that we choose to take on any adventure or trip always depends on the type of activity, the number of people and the duration. Here, we've put together some useful tips on choosing the best YETI cool box for your needs - whether it's sailing, camping, partying or anything in between!

Best YETI cool boxes for families

This very much depends on the size of your crew, of course. As a family of four, we find the Tundra 45 is just right for us. There’s plenty of space for everything we need for a day out, and it's great for longer trips like weekends away. The interior capacity of the Tundra 45 is 35.6 litres, so there’s plenty of space for all of our fun stuff.

For larger families, or for much longer trips, the Tundra Haul could be a good choice. The wheels are such a fantastic feature for getting all of your gear to where it needs to be without heavy lifting. The inside space is even bigger than the Tundra 65 at 62 litres – so the Haul can handle big groups and longer holidays.

If used properly any YETI hard cooler will keep your food and drink cold for at least 5 days – we’ve even had customers report back to us that they work better than plug in cool boxes!

YETI cool box on beach with barbeque

To really get the most out of your YETI cool box, we do recommend purchasing some YETI Ice packs. They are super efficient and specifically designed to fit inside YETI's own cool boxes. For the Tundra 45, one 4lb YETI Ice and one 2lb YETI Ice will line the base perfectly.

We also suggest taking a YETI jug alongside the Tundra to keep hydrated. We always use the YETI Rambler One Gallon Jug for icy cold water on hot beach days (and the Half Gallon Jug for some Dark and Stormy on beach nights!). The magnetic cap is such a brilliant idea – you’ll never lose it!

Best YETI cool box for camping

Again, this will depend on who you’re taking with you on your camping trip. For larger parties or for a longer trip, the Tundra 65 is a brilliant, sizeable cool box. It sits perfectly in the boot of most cars and with a 54.1 litre interior capacity to play with, there’s plenty of space for all the food and drink you need for up to a week.

YETI cool box on truck

We recommend two 4lb and one 2lb YETI Ice blocks to line the base of the Tundra 65. To keep your food and drink nice and chilled all week, just top up with fresh ice after a few days.

One thing to consider with the larger hard coolers is that they can be a little heavy, because they are so well insulated. Carrying a fully loaded Tundra 65 could be a two person job. If you need a larger cooler but still want something portable,  then the wheeled Tundra Haul is the more practical choice. With 62 litres interior capacity, it’s a great size. The solid wheels are completely puncture resistant, so you can wheel your food and drink to any wild destination you choose.

Best YETI cool box for parties

The YETI Roadie 24 is the only hard cooler other than the Haul that can hold wine bottles standing upright. You can fit up to eight bottles of wine in the Roadie - six upright and then two slotted in upside down – and that’s with the 4lb YETI Ice lining the base. The Roadie 24 is also the most lightweight of all the YETI hard coolers.

YETI Tank ice bucket

But the ultimate party cool boxes are actually the YETI Tank ice buckets. These bad boys are brilliant for filling up with fresh ice and bottles of beer and wine. They come in two sizes - the YETI Tank 45 has a capacity of 35 litres, and the YETI Tank 85 has 70 litres of ice cold storage. They both have compatible lids which help lock in the ice, but also double up as handy blocks for prepping the BBQ or chopping limes for the drinks. Rest assured the Tank will keep your drinks chilled until long after the sun comes up...

Best YETI cool box for sailing

For days out sailing, we recommend something soft and portable from the YETI Hopper range. The number of deck hands you have will dictate which size Hopper you need. The Hopper Flip 8 is perfect for just you and one crew for the day, and will easily slip into a little locker. It holds the equivalent of eight cans of beer, so it’s big enough to hold a couple of drinks and your food for the day. Use the 2lb YETI Ice to line the base and keep everything chilled for longer.

YETI Hopper 12

The Hopper Flip 12 fits the equivalent of 13 cans of beer and is big enough for lunch for all the family. Maybe consider taking a YETI jug on board for the drinks as a good combination with the Hopper Flip 12 for bigger crews.

The Hopper Flip 18 is a sizeable soft cooler (inside measurements are 36.2 x 26 x 21.6cm) so there's plenty of space for longer sailing trips or bigger parties. Just remember to line it with one 4lb and one 1lb YETI Ice to keep all your treats super chilled.

Best YETI cool box for beach days

You can’t go wrong with a Hopper BackFlip 24. This is the ultimate cooler for those of you who love getting off the beaten track or scrambling down to hidden coves and secluded beaches for a picnic. It’s big enough for a bottle of wine and lunch for a family of four, and it's 100% leakproof. The shoulder and waist straps and really comfortable, so you won’t struggle to carry everything you need for the day. The internal height is 38.1cm, and the 4lb Ice block sits at the base of the BackFlip to ensure you’ll have icy cold drinks even after a long hot trek.

YETI Hopper BackFlip

It also means that your hands are free to carry surfboards or swim gear, or to hold the little hands of your young children.

Best YETI cool box for boating

For larger motor boats we recommend a hard cooler such as the Tundra 35 or Tundra 45. We take the 45 out on our boat with us for the day and we find there’s plenty of space for a bottle of wine and all the food we need for a BBQ or picnic. We also find it suitable for slightly longer trips, too. 

YETI Tundra cool box on wooden boat

The Tundras also double up as handy extra seating and are portable enough to be carried off the boat and onto the beach for picnics and barbecues.

Best YETI cool box for stand up paddle boarding

We love a day out on the SUP exploring the creeks around the Salcombe estuary and the Hopper Flip 8 soft cooler is the perfect size for taking drinks and lunch for just you, or you and your buddy. It’s completely waterproof, so there's no need to worry about any swell and it can easily be strapped down onto the board.

With the YETI Hopper you’re guaranteed to have lovely cold drinks and snacks, even on the most glorious of days.

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